Might Be Tasty

Smells Like Fish, Tastes Like Chicken

Month: October 2015

You guys are so awesome for “liking” my post about my new company but what I really need is for you to SHARE it so it gets around. Basically, I am designing t-shirts to help fun seed money into me managing and promoting combat sports athletes.  Ultimately, I want to open a gym up in the…

“He don’t tote it.”

Spent last night watching documentaries. I watched one about a gay white serial killer in Louisiana (why didn’t that more publicity?! It was going on while I was working down there. You could say its because he killed black guys but he killed white ones too… I think its just because he killed people that…

Business.  Pleasure?  There is no pleasure.

I’ve been so busy trying to work on other aspects of my life that me blogging again always seems to fall by the wayside. A lot of it has to do with self-censoring… but in my old age, I find that maybe I am self-censoring a hell of a lot less. I want to talk…..