Bullet Journal

I am (was?) an IT person. For the longest time I said “yeah, I take all my notes on my computer/tablet/etc..” And I do put my appointments in my computer… but I am slowly going through a personal cultural shift… back to basics in some aspects.

I ran into “Bullet Journal” off a comment I was reading on someone’s Tumbler. I decided to look into it (http://bulletjournal.com/get-started/). It intrigued me so I decide to try it for myself for the past week. The nice thing is this gives you a framework- I’m already starting to elaborate on it with my own notations, etc. I spend about 15/20 mins in the morning with it, and 15/20 mins at night with it. Already I am feeling MUCH MORE organized and efficient. I am starting to remember things better. Its also forcing me to write- and I need to as I’ve lost all penmanship because I type constantly. The irony is that with all my typing, I am forgetting more because its just like “BLERUG/VOMIT, TYPE TYPE TYPE” and then I just throw it away… because its so eaaaasy. Writing it down is making it stick better and makes me actually think more (I know many are groaning… ‘YOU FUCKING THINK TOO MUCH ALREADY YOU BITCH”. Well, bite me and shit. I care what you think? ANYWAY (*wink*). I don’t want to say that when I type I forget- scratch that. I want to say that I am noticing better QUALITY thoughts. I’m taking moments now to “chase the dragon” *giggle” when I get a thought which leads to another bigger and better thought.. and best thing is that I am capturing it all. And its quality stuff.

Which leads me to writing on my personal online blogs more, and the quality there is getting better because I am able to articulate my points better. And this is only after one week of doing this. I like it so much, I think I am going to get a better journal to write in.

I still use my technology, obviously- but it seems like everything is starting to have keener blades when I use them. Anyway, check the link out. It might make you more organized, more thoughtful, more you.

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