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Always peek behind the curtain. Or VOTER SUPRESSION.

Crime in major US cities is and has always been an issue. Some cities are better than others and some cities have some major problems.  Chicago has always had a problem with gun violence and is always in the national news.  But when was the last time you heard bout Albuquerque or Kansas City in the news?  And besides the popular television show, Portlandia, when did the national news talk about a crime wave in Oregon?   

I’ll give you a moment.

This past weekend in Kansas City, Mo, a 4 year old boy was shot in the face while sleeping. 1)

This past Tuesday, fifteen people were shot in a drive-by shooting at a funeral. 2)

Both of these things are tragic incidents, painful and unacceptable to any city, but this violence didn’t just suddenly occur. At least in the case of Chicago, there has been a problem there for a long time that stems all they way back from the abandonment of the Housing Projects by the government back in 1979 3),becoming%20the%20next%20Chicago%20slums. .  That is when the seeds of the violence you see in Chicago now started.  Not last week.  Not a year ago.  Not even two years ago.  Not even four years ago.

It’s important to understand this historical context because we have to frame it with the recent news out of Trump’s White House:

Trump to send hundreds of federal agents to Cities

Trump will be sending agents to Chicago, Albuquerque, and Kansas City.  From the BBC article:

” In the latest incident in Chicago, at least 14 people were shot outside a funeral home in a suspected gang-related attack.

The city has seen 34% more homicides than last year, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

A 2018 FBI survey found the violent crime rate in Albuquerque was 3.7 times the national average. The rates of murder and rape were more than double the national average that year.

Kansas City, meanwhile, is on track to record its most homicides ever in 2020, according to the Kansas City Star. The city has now seen 110 homicides, with another 50 recorded across the greater metro area.”

I find this interesting because I can’t remember the last time the other two cities were mentioned in national discourse.  I just hear “Chicago, Chicago” all the time.  And where I don’t doubt these numbers, I’m very suspect of the timing of this.  We have a US presidential election coming, you know.

So let’s dig a little deeper.  Besides the spike in crime in the cities above, they all also share something else in common- not that they are all Democratic cites… but more about the weight these cities have in their respective States.  Here, let me help you.  Let’s start with Portland.

Portland, OR

Portland is in Multnoma County in Oregon.  Portland as stated before is a city run by democrats.

Let’s look at the 2016 Presidential election results in Oregon (via Wikipedia)

See that dark blue spot on the top left?  That’s Portland.

If we break it down in a Treemap of the poplar vote:

I don’t have the ability to pull the numbers down but it looks to me that if you were to take Portland out of the picture, the State of Oregon swings right and would go for Trump.

Oregon has 7 Electoral votes.

Albuquerque, NM

Let’s do the same exercise with Albuquerque.

Albuquerque is in Bernalillo County in Oregon.  Albuquerque is a city run by democrats.

This time, Bernalillo County isn’t the darkest blue but it slightly below and to the left of Santa Fe county (in dark blue)

And if we break down the popular vote in a Treemap:

New Mexico has 5 electoral votes.

Kansas City, Mo

Kansas City is a Democratic controlled city that lies mostly in Jackson County, Missouri.

Jackson is the blue one furthest left.  (If you are paying attention, you may get to the end of this puzzle before you finish reading this piece…. But let’s indulge me.)

And here is the important Tree Map:

The State of Missouri has 10 electoral votes (and went to Trump in 2016)

Chicago, IL

I saved the best for last because it is my hometown.

Chicago is a Democratic controlled city in Cook County, IL.

See that dark blue on the right?  That’s Cook County.

Finally, the Tree Map:

Illinois has 20 Electoral votes.

So what’s going on here?

Except for Missouri, ALL of the above states would have gone to Trump in 2016 if you had taken out the cities that he is currently targeting with his federal “goon squad”.  All of these states swing Republican.  Take out these cities and the state will go to the Republicans.

Now I  know you are asking, no, screaming at me about Missouri…. How it doesn’t follow the pattern.

I’ve got an answer here for you with this article from The Hill (

President Trump has an edge over presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in Missouri, but there are signs that his support there may be slipping, according to a Saint Louis University-YouGov poll released on Monday. 

The poll shows Trump garnering 50 percent of the vote in Missouri, putting him 7 points ahead of Biden. That is still less than his margin of victory in the Show-Me State four years ago, when he won more than 56 percent of the vote. “

There is a good chance that Trump could lose Missouri.  Mind you, he’d still have to win a lot more states that what I am listing here but remember what he said about 2016- Trump was out to get the electoral college.

The name of the game in 2020 is voter suppression because Trump cannot cancel the election.

By having agents causing more issues in these cities, the hopes is that people don’t vote. He’s hoping that people become fearful or frustrated because of the feds marching around.

Don’t fall for it. VOTE in November!!!

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I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist, which is funny because I make fun of them, but this is a trial balloon for martial law in the case that he refuses to step down and riots erupt in the big cities. By raising the stakes and flexing now, and seeing that the Democratic response is muted and delayed, he knows he has made his point and also set a precedent that he can deploy military forces to anywhere he wants, and nobody will stand against him – fuck the Constitution.

From there, it becomes a self-fulfilling narrative: he instigates, people protest, he and Fox paint it as lawlessness, and then he sends in troops to “protect America”. He could keep this up from now through next summer.

Someone – a governor, Congressional committee…someone with access to resources and some level of authority – needs to take a stand against his lawlessness, otherwise he has no incentive to stop. What? A 3 month investigation followed by a 6-month lawsuit? What a joke. He is fast and aggressive, and by the time his opponents grow a pair of adult parts, the damage is not only done, but normalized as he moves on to his next violation.

The whole narrative of law & order is to instill fear…motivating his base, dehumanizing his scapegoats, and determining the best way to keep a lid on the Democratic cities, as he decides how to rig and/or reject the election.

We keep waiting for “someone” to “do something”, and they’re all dithering and afraid. I was talking Friday night with two friends from Canada, and they each have a business I could join, in Toronto or Vancouver. All I have to do is make it to my son’s June 2021 graduation, and then I may well make the move. I refuse to be a casualty in a war that my “leaders” are afraid to fight. I’m thoroughly disgusted, and I could really use some beef jerky.

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