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Yes… it was time. Finally time to start writing again. I’ve been posting too much to Facebook and I am sure my “friends” are sick of me by now. It’s clear that I miss writing, miss that free-flow regurgitation of my thoughts out to the interwebs… for good… or ill. Some of you will recall the old website- That’s well and dead now. There is no room for a Tek”wh0re” in this new digital age and at MY age. Things can always be researched and thrown against you to see what sticks. You gotta be careful. Or not. Back to age… there is always a room for “Tek” and there will always be a Tek, or V, or whatever name you chose to call me… And there are many, both good and bad. End of the day, you (and I) gotta do what we gots to do, eh?

So here I am. I’m back. Real, and truly back! And I’ve got a lot to share. My world is still just as big and weird as ever, full of tales of woe and victory. But there is some sageous advice to add along with my grays now. What I hope to do is to inspire you to live your life, own your space, be you. And I hope to do that by sharing me, being me…

Because I’m pretty damn EPIC. And AWESOME.

For old friends, welcome back. For new ones, pull up a seat and enjoy the ride.

But not on my bike. :

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