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One of my favorite songs by Placebo which I will link at the bottom but also the title of this post. So the bad thing that I sad was going to happen has come upon me. The reckoning I knew was coming is here. It's looking like Antarctica is off the table among everything else. For all intents and purposes, I am poor again and worse. I need to figure out how to supplement my income, but I've been needing to figure that out for a while, if I had, I wouldn't have ever met the reckoning

I realized yesterday that Christmas gives me anxiety because everything is just to a standstill for two straight weeks until New Year. I can't get anything done because everyone is having "family time", office hours are short, people aren't around and don't give a shit if they are. You know me.. (except for maybe the last two years). I'm always about getting some shit done. And finally, I feel like getting shit done again. I have a HUGE ASS PROBLEM, like MEGA that I keep alluding to. I have no idea how to hustle all the things I need to get done but I don't have a choice, done they need to be. Get a second income (active)Get side income (just check on from time to time to grow)Get another side income where I made money off of doing

I am so incredibly stressed right now. I keep trying to talk myself down- that part II of this plan won't start until Feb but everything HAS to work out or I am FUCKED. Everything has lined up except for the two things that I knew were coming is now here and the only way I can fix that is if next year, the second part of this works out. I am so stressed, so worried. I gotta make this work

So work was a bit of a cluster today- but it seems life was a cluster for A LOT Of people today. Why? Today: An Amazon server outage caused problems for Alexa, Ring, Disney Plus, and deliveries So this means that a lot of automated things were not working today- IoT (internet of things) appliances, apps, schedulers. A lot of disruption. Wanna know what else happened today?: Amazon Alexa’s new eldercare service launches today Which to me is so inappropriately funny. Guess the old people might have been dropping like flies today if they had pre-signed up for Amazon's Elder Care program. I am speaking more and more freely these days and now I am going to say something out loud that I've thought all along: I DO NOT LIKE THE CLOUD. I NEVER HAVE LIKED THE PUBLIC CLOUD. I DO NOT

I'm slowly starting to get more productive again.. but not to the level that I think is acceptable for me but slowly but surely, I seem to be getting back to what makes me, me. I've definitely been "Tekwh0re" lately. Won't go into too much detail about that but the NERD has been STRONG in this one lately. I've been doing more things to try to automate my life and secure some other aspects of it. I still have so, so, so much more to do, but its good to at least start to knock out shit that has been on the back burner. I have until January first to have all the shit automated and figured out so that my 2022 is the best year I've had in a long time, even with the

Humans continue to rape and pillage the Earth. This is really gross. Altaf Qadri/AP Photo " One of India’s most sacred rivers appears to be coated with a thick layer of snow. Except it is not. A vast stretch of the Yamuna river is covered with white toxic foam, caused in part by pollutants discharged from industries ringing New Delhi." Several people have been ringing the bells for a long time that collectively, as humanity, we've been fighting the wrong battles. Climate change is real. The toxification of our environment is real. There are very few places in the world that foam is natural in the water. This is not one of them. I was asked recently about "It's Complicated" and would I do them anymore. I said probably not- nobody was interested. However