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Long time no talk. In all honesty, when I have been talking, I don't feel like I have been talking. I always try to recapture the freedom from my Tekwh0re days, but the Internet changed, I changed (in certain ways) and that freedom of personal speech just went out the window the stronger the algorithms became. I also became busy- always so busy. But that good busy became good busy and frankly, I got lost, seriously lost focus. Most of it isn't my fault but I like to think I'm stronger, better, and less swayed than your average human. That's mostly true but necessity has a way of erasing stances and I became caught up in it all. And while I have been in this whirlwind of just trying to stay one step "I've been this way beforeI'll come this way againSo many things remind meSo many things inside" Hey there- long time as usual. Been busy being busy for no other reason than to appease the man and nature (COVID). Still probably a lot to catch you up on , those of you who still might care. First off, I got my fist COVID shot. It was Moderna. I was going to wait until my second one to go back to BJJ and Kickboxing. Well, I changed my mind on that and started that back up last week. I can die from COVID or I can die from being out of shape. Six in one hand, half a dozen in the other, as they say. I still am as careful as I can be but not going

Gina Carano sucks. First off, Fuck Gina Carano: May she ride off into the sunset and eat Krispy Kreams ((1. I am an obese fuck right now too, but at least, I'm not bat-shit vile)) in peace and have dreams of MAYBE coming back to play Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS in a straight to $1.99 BlueRay bin at Walmart. Good luck, toots. Joe Biden to make a Task Force on China Does Biden actually SEE the threat? Maybe Joe Biden will be the president that really sees The Communist Party of China for what it really is. I just hope that they listen to my podcast this week and explore not only what really happened in Wuhan and the CCP response to it but the active work that China is doing to bring its diaspora home or convert them to REFERENCES Uyghurs Who are the Uyghurs? - WikiPedia What is happening with the Uighurs in China? - PBS NewsHour 'Our souls are dead': how I survived a Chinese 're-education' camp for Uighurs - The Guardian 'Their goal is to destroy everyone': Uighur camp detainees allege systematic rape - BBC News COVID-19, W.H.O. 'Striking piece of evidence': WHO researcher on products in Wuhan market - CNN <--- This is so good and if you can't smell the shit coming off of Dr. Peter Daszak, you might have Coronavirus

Honestly? I just feel like chillin' tonight. I also really don't have a bug up mass today besides that ridiculous woman and her "Jewish Space Lasers" in Congress. Look, if those "Jewish Space Lasers" can target my armpit hair, I'm all for them- god knows that laser treatments are fucking expensive. Anyway, fuck that crazy bitch. I'm am SURE if she doesn't get ejected, I'll have some delicious reasons to go after her in a future podcast soon. For the two of you who listen- don't fret

Man, I forgot just HOW GOOD early Placebo is. I think their first five albums are amazing and the last two are utter shit. I feel the same way about Radiohead though. I much prefer their earlier stuff to their more space-electro jam band stuff. I'm not sure if I've posted this recently but if I did, don't care, listen to it again: Which interesting side note: My type was always the "Alternative" guys. My tastes changed in my 30's and I started to like the guys who worked out. But now I think they are all proud boys so my tasts have gravitated back to what they were