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Long time no talk. In all honesty, when I have been talking, I don't feel like I have been talking. I always try to recapture the freedom from my Tekwh0re days, but the Internet changed, I changed (in certain ways) and that freedom of personal speech just went out the window the stronger the algorithms became. I also became busy- always so busy. But that good busy became good busy and frankly, I got lost, seriously lost focus. Most of it isn't my fault but I like to think I'm stronger, better, and less swayed than your average human. That's mostly true but necessity has a way of erasing stances and I became caught up in it all. And while I have been in this whirlwind of just trying to stay one step "I've been this way beforeI'll come this way againSo many things remind meSo many things inside" Hey there- long time as usual. Been busy being busy for no other reason than to appease the man and nature (COVID). Still probably a lot to catch you up on , those of you who still might care. First off, I got my fist COVID shot. It was Moderna. I was going to wait until my second one to go back to BJJ and Kickboxing. Well, I changed my mind on that and started that back up last week. I can die from COVID or I can die from being out of shape. Six in one hand, half a dozen in the other, as they say. I still am as careful as I can be but not going

Man, I forgot just HOW GOOD early Placebo is. I think their first five albums are amazing and the last two are utter shit. I feel the same way about Radiohead though. I much prefer their earlier stuff to their more space-electro jam band stuff. I'm not sure if I've posted this recently but if I did, don't care, listen to it again: Which interesting side note: My type was always the "Alternative" guys. My tastes changed in my 30's and I started to like the guys who worked out. But now I think they are all proud boys so my tasts have gravitated back to what they were

2021 is already starting out great. Now it may all go out the door tomorrow once I see what my day job workload is however, right now, I've clawed back a little time and I got A LOT done before I go back to corporate America tomorrow: Fixed this website. Still some issues but it looks like me again.Ripped apart EMPIRE & ACES. No, it's not up yet

I took down my last post. I think maybe 2 people read it anyway. As I said, nobody gives a fuck. I did do what I said I was going to do though- weep, feel like shit, then get my shit back together. "The Big Plan" was to buy a condo or some land in Mexico end of 2021 or 2022. I wanted to then make an Airbnb with it so I had somewhere to stay when I wanted to go diving but was making money off it when I wasn't there. In addition, maybe it would have been a place for me to retire to. I would have already had my place. I was hoping to catch a Covid deal. Shit down there is so much cheaper. Where as I could never

To say that I have been busy is the understatement of the year. Since the last time I posted, Orange Fucktard was voted out (THANK GOD), the US has done an emergency authorization of a new COVID-19 vaccine, I finished up my advanced cave and staged cave diving certifications, I got a new job, I turned 45 years old, and I got a new car. (PHEW! That's a lot but we're not done yet) Since I started my new job (one day after vacation from Mexico) I have worked 65-75 hours every week since the last week of October. This week, it should start to ramp down a little bit but I think you would understand why: I haven't been postingI haven't been going to the gym regularlyMy house looks like an absolute PIG STY That being said,

So where is the podcast? Nobody liked it/was listening so it dropped to the bottom of my list of things I needed to do. I am still interested in doing a Podcast/YouTube thing but work has been crazy and as far as social media is concerned, I am well and truly aware that nobody cares about what I have to say anymore. My world gets ever darker and ever more quiet. I'm not terribly happy about this but it's true, you cannot relive the past and I have become it seems: "Irrelevant." So I guess I go back to just the catharsis that writing used to bring me. I keep trying to find it

Back when used to be popular, I had forums. I ran them under and Veritas Parit. I'm tempted to start them again however they don't work unless people actually use them. They were very interesting when I had them. In some ways, I'm trying to rebuild a posse again, I suppose. A group of creative, technical, political, deep thinking cadre of idea sharing and discussion. Twitter is far too short for this. Mind you- Might be Tasty isn't getting the traffic yet either to really begin to start thinking about supporting itself but I'm working on it. Maybe I'm just super nostalgic for the early 2000's. I think people's dumbfuckery was less on display then. I mean here is the real question: Have people gotten dumber or has technology gotten

Crazy awful week- what can I say? I hate drama and politics. Besides wanting credit for work that I have done/created, I want to be a low key, under the radar kinda woman. I don't want to be the queen of anything in corporate America. I mean to me, that is a stupid goal as I would much rather rule life. That being said, things haven't been going well lately. My stress has been through the roof. I'm literally in a situation I have no control over and it's rough. Add in the COVID pandemic and the nonsense that is our current American leadership and that leads to a feeling of being trapped indeed. Wait.. then add to that the EU says Americans might be banned and can we say "trapped and claustrophobic"? Anyway,