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Economy,COVID, GOP, or “The Fall of America”

Featured image from the last great Depression.

Well, this news certainly isn’t “tasty”. (Man, I am so sick of being gloom and doom). Take a look at this chart:

Chart of the U.S. employment-population ratio through May 2020.

I look at that chart above and think, “that can’t be true”. It’s rather shocking. But I think some more and I currently know two people personally who lost their jobs. So I ask you:

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(Now we’ll see that only one person reads this website… and I’ll out myself but that’s okay)

I really hate to beat a dead horse but the magnitude of the current mismanagement of the situation in America by our leadership is criminal in my opinion. Add into it that people are acting like crazy spoiled children over a mask and there just looks like no end in sight.

These people are infringing on MY LIBERTY because they keep making us sicker and other countries won’t accept visits by Americans because we are the shithole right now.

I could go on but it’s best I don’t.


  • Updated the comments on the website so that you can thumbs up or thumbs down.
  • Jerky is back if you want some. See this post on details on how to order if you want some. I need to know by THURSDAY, JULY 2nd if you are interested.

That’s all for tonight. Be safe, be healthy and be well.

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