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Feeling a little bit more human today.

I finally caught up on a little sleep. Making a little progress getting shit back together, slowly. If you’re interested, I’m still doing a jerky order. You need to go here and follow the directions and I’ll ping you with an email asking for money like the entrepreneur I am.

Friday, I will go back to my Twtich streaming schedule. It will be Final Fantasy XIV so stay tuned! I mean come on… why wouldn’t you watch me:

Ryth Fourwind, DEMONIC Viera Bun Bun Dark Knight

Final Fantasy XIV is fun, but I do miss that there isn’t an edge to it. You know me- I am your resident mid-life, edge lord, tek-nerd so its hard to play a game where I am always so squeaky-clean. I miss Thrloka but World of Warcraft IS ASS.

I’ll have more to say soon… a lot more. Just taking a moment to post something that makes me happy. I loved this screenshot so wanted to post it. Ryth is a total mood here. 🙂

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