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Gina Carano is a Turd, Biden gets a clue.

Gina Carano sucks.

First off, Fuck Gina Carano:

May she ride off into the sunset and eat Krispy Kreams 1)1. I am an obese fuck right now too, but at least, I’m not bat-shit vile in peace and have dreams of MAYBE coming back to play Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS in a straight to $1.99 BlueRay bin at Walmart. Good luck, toots.

Joe Biden to make a Task Force on China

Does Biden actually SEE the threat?

Maybe Joe Biden will be the president that really sees The Communist Party of China for what it really is. I just hope that they listen to my podcast this week and explore not only what really happened in Wuhan and the CCP response to it but the active work that China is doing to bring its diaspora home or convert them to their thinking. Again, attention needs to be paid to not only the military and financial moves of China, but what it’s doing on social media in both its use of hard and soft power. You can catch up on some of my talking points here and here. Honestly, I’m a nobody but I would love to be a part of that task force just because the cultural context of this really is interesting to me.


Again, fuck you, Gina:

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