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Holy Shit… where did all the content go?!

Never fear, I AM still here but I am making a slight pivot.

I decided that I wanted to keep my non-political posts here. This sucks because back in days, anything went, on one page.

I am no longer 20 and the world is nothing like it was back then. So here comes the pivot- I won’t stop posing my hot takes, but they need to go where they actually belong which is or if I can get my ass back in gear again, up on the “it’s complicated” podcast. I know I keep saying it’s coming, when I get time, etc, etc… we make time for what is important to use and I have to eat my own words and just say “hey, it wasn’t as important as I thought.” I’m working on that though. I’m actually having an “in service” day today. Do you remember those? When you take a take to organize and clean up? I’m actually having an “in-service” week. I’m reorganizing my home workstation/office, fixing some broken equipment. I think it’s going to take me two weeks to get it done since I have a bunch of equipment coming in tomorrow that will require me to pull out:


-Which really, is always an exciting time for me.

End of the day, I need to get more productive with my time. So expect this website to be all about fitness and travel and video games and all the more pop culture/shallow stuff. Tek Dives will have more deep dives (haha, see what I did there) on scuba diving, dive related travel. Cannibalism is where I will dump my heart.

Got it? Cool. Hopefully this will make it easier for me to get into writing again.

Also, I don’t want to be MsTek anymore… Just like I am not Tekwh0re anymore. I just want to be:


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