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Housekeeping/Personal Update.

A little housekeeping about the website-

Starting to get one or two comments on this website- always really thoughtful and great comments that bear discussion. (Check out the one from my last podcast– great stuff. Have asked to repost it as an actual post here.) Seeing that, I felt that the comments on here needed to be improved so now I have threaded comments so that you have the actual ability to respond to someone. I think it makes it far more engaging and engaging is what I want.

I landed a small piece of business for my company this week. It isn’t much but its more than I had before and that makes me very happy. Any way I can grow my client base for my consulting company, I’m all for. I really am hoping to get a few more before December. My goal is to get 10 clients before then. I have nine more to go (eek!) Again, I’m not going to lie, I’m super stressed about the economy, COVID, my day job, and the future. I’m super sad that I can’t train like I used to. Even so, I’m doing my best to just work through it. I think he hard part is that my heart isn’t “here” right now.

The desire to travel is really strong right now but if I could go, I still couldn’t go because of all the restrictions on Americans traveling to other countries. Other places just don’t want us right now and I don’t blame them. What is even more interesting to me right now is I have this hardcore desire to go back to Bali and I didn’t even like Bali that much last time I was there. But I tend to listen to my gut/heart. Something is telling me to go back there so somehow I need to. But that’s only going to be possible if I expand my personal business.

I want to thank the person who recommending me to someone. That’s how I landed some additional work. As crappy as things are right now, that’s a small bright spot and hopefully I can somehow buck the odds and during this downtime in the world, actually grow.

That’s all for now. Thanks for your support!

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