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I want to listen. I want you to talk.

Back when used to be popular, I had forums. I ran them under and Veritas Parit. I’m tempted to start them again however they don’t work unless people actually use them. They were very interesting when I had them.

In some ways, I’m trying to rebuild a posse again, I suppose. A group of creative, technical, political, deep thinking cadre of idea sharing and discussion. Twitter is far too short for this. Mind you- Might be Tasty isn’t getting the traffic yet either to really begin to start thinking about supporting itself but I’m working on it. Maybe I’m just super nostalgic for the early 2000’s. I think people’s dumbfuckery was less on display then. I mean here is the real question:

Have people gotten dumber or has technology gotten so much easier for Darwin’s Rejects 1)I might start using this to coin a term for people who are just… just plain stupid. Ha! I won’t be able to monetize shit on this website between my language and my hot takes to use?

On a side note, I always wanted to hold a salon once a month in my apartment where I invited interesting people and had it catered and there was a topic or a speaker that we listened to then discussed after dinner over drinks. Women use to hold them in the seventeen hundreds and eighteen hundreds… I kinda wanted to bring it back

Podcast: Again, not today. Maybe a later one this week. I’m in the zone right now getting stuff where it needs to be so I can run it all on autopilot. I’m having one issue with one of my personal websites that I need to fix but once that is done, I will have the freedom to really do the creative things I want. I sound like a broken record but the name of the game is to create alternate income streams. There is a much bigger plan in place here- I just haven’t told more than two people what I am up to.

But back to COVID- I’m getting really stressed with the shutdowns happening again. I was “lucky” to keep my job so far but I don’t think I will make it if they start to shut it all down again. Add to that that Americans are going to be banned by every other country in the world, I’m really worried. I cannot stress enough how much I hate Orange Fucktard, the stupid fucking Karens and the GOP in general for just running the US into the ground.

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Dammit, you stole my fucking idea before I thought of it! So, my son is entering his last year of HS, and as soon as he’s out, I’m out too. Real estate in Pittsburgh will be relatively cheap, and I’ve been thinking so much about my options. Other than a pool or jacuzzi (stupid in this climate, I know), the thing I keep coming back to is a large space to entertain. But not entertain in the traditional sense. I want to have a space for my artsy, weird, and activist friends. I only dabble in any of the above, but most of my best friends are in one of those categories, and we always learn from each other (or at least they tolerate me ; P). I did some of this a couple of years back, podcasting with a friend about small black businesses in Philly, and just the intellect, the personal stories, the energy – it gave everyone life. Even if it didn’t result in long-lasting collaborations, knowing that other people share your struggles, aspirations, or vibe just…makes everything worth it. Plus, I think the reason my friends tolerate me is that we are different from each other, and that’s where innovation begins.

Now that I’m fully working remotely, my move is slightly les urgent, and when things open up, I’m just as likely to become a remote-work nomad. But I still have my eye and heart on a good space there, even if only when I’m in town.


Re: Dumbfuckery on the internet — the phenomenon of social media’s ubiquity dragging down the content quality has often baffled me. I recently came across the idea of “context collapse” which I believe explains it — social media’s reach is so broad that the most successful content is from brands and brands aren’t people. People need context to effectively communicate, and when the audience could be literally anyone, we end up with either the blandest possible “on-brand” content, or the cringiest hot-take “on-brand” content. I feel this bears out in my own content – I have a hard time thinking of something I would want to share with a potential employer, an ex-lover, a friend from my party days, and my Mom. [I got the idea about context collapse from “How to Do Nothing” by Jenny Odell]

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