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I’m glad Christmas is over.

I realized yesterday that Christmas gives me anxiety because everything is just to a standstill for two straight weeks until New Year. I can’t get anything done because everyone is having “family time”, office hours are short, people aren’t around and don’t give a shit if they are.

You know me.. (except for maybe the last two years). I’m always about getting some shit done.

And finally, I feel like getting shit done again. I have a HUGE ASS PROBLEM, like MEGA that I keep alluding to. I have no idea how to hustle all the things I need to get done but I don’t have a choice, done they need to be.

  • Get a second income (active)
  • Get side income (just check on from time to time to grow)
  • Get another side income where I made money off of doing something that is fun for me.
  • Get back in shape (really hard with COIVD and I’m scared to take a walk outside because,The Polite Mugger is running around the neighborhood). .

In the middle of this, I want to stay healthy (not die of COVID or have long COVID complications). I NEED to scuba dive more in 2022- that’s for fun but also not for fun.

Basically, I am ready to attempt to try to see if I can turn my life around (which I have been trying to do all my life but I swear to god, I’m going to end up homeless in the park under an underpass).

The stress I am under is… suffeniently unbearable (meaning for all intents and purposes, normal. Tek does not get to have a good time, ever. lol)

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