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I’m Worried That This Asshole is Gonna Return…

Because Biden isn’t cutting it, through no fault of his own, honestly. He was handed shit brick to build a house out of. You kinda know how that is going to turn out…

And if not Orange Fucktard, then another Fucktard. The democrats have lost their message and still don’t have the claws and teeth they need, besides “The Squad” which are a bunch of Fucktards themselves, just located at 180 degrees from the other Fucktards. Everything has just gone too far to extremes on both ends and as I keep saying:

The is no meeting in the middle anymore because Madness is cool now.

So I worry because the Democrats aren’t closing ranks like they should, like they should have been for years now, and I see an in again for Trump or someone even worse.

The United States is so fucked.

Meanwhile, Andrew Yang has also totally lost the plot. I would have liked him to be Vice President at one point but I think he is a weak person now. You MUST be strong to be president of the United States.

Biden’s infrastructure plan is great; it will provide jobs and modernize the United States… but the message isn’t getting through. I read earlier today that it’s because of the pandemic, but I’m sorry, I don’t buy that. The pandemic is just a cover for bad people to act badly- which was normalized under the Trump presidency. Another thing that I’ve said a lot:

Once you let the devil out of the box, he’s not going to want to go back in.

Trump did this and there is no going back to the cordial interactions between opposing ideas… At least not for the next 10 years, in my opinion.

Why does it matter? It matters to me because I’m kinda passively looking into purchasing a home for myself. I have no fucking clue how I would ever be able to afford it, but I’m at least casually looking now. I wanted to get an investment property in SE Asia but its complicated and COVID complicated everything even worse. I mean if COVID hadn’t happened, I would have gone back to Thailand by now, and I may have tried one last time to fight. But it just all became a moot point. I’ve looked into Mexico as well, but dealing with the cartel is far less appealing than dealing with the Thai police. But here is the thing:

If Trump gets re-elected, I need to move out of the country. So as much as I am starting to think about buying a place here, I still don’t know its a good idea to do so in the next 5 years…. but if I don’t do it in the next five years, it also seems to become a pointless idea.

Why does it cost so much just to exist?

Anyway, I also need to take a trip down to Panama and Costa Rica… they are also both options. Just sucks because 10 years ago, I was more sure of where this country was heading than I am now.

I really don’t want that Asshole to return. But I also want all the Karens of the world to either spontaneously rapture or combust into hellfire. Don’t care, just get them out of here.

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