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It’s coming, but slowly- until it comes all at once.

I wrote. Then I disappeared again. And then this week happened where hot damn, you’re seeing me all over.

I’ve been coming out of my shell, so to speak.

First, I was invited on a friend’s running MMA Podcast. It was nice of them to invite me. If you’re interested in MMA or just want to see me interacting with other people, you might want to check out “If I Did It“. I’m not sure if I will be a weekly guest as of yet- I think so- but you can check me out if so choose (and if you liked it, subscribe and comment!! Make sure you tell them how awesome I am… lies work.)

And if that wasn’t enough me in the Internets for one week, I FINALLY uploaded this shitty ass video I’ve been working on for month (that makes it sound like it should be a really good video but uh… no.).

Now, let me caveat something here: This video is the very first EDITED video I have ever done. You know that I usually just free form word vomit on the occasions that I do videos. This required some effort to learn new video editing software and techniques. It’s very rough, amateurish, and needs tons of work. But just making it taught me so much about what I need to look for when shooting video, what my camera settings need to be, that I am terribly excited about making another one as soon as I am able to travel again.

In summary, it sucks, I tried, please watch it anyway? And of course, like and subscribe and give me reasons to keep trying. I’ll keep trying anyway but its more fun to know that I am getting hated or loved or people love to hate… I am Ms.Tek after all. Goes with the territory.

Want more of me? Let’s talk about Twitch (yo, become a subscriber on there too, IT HELPS). I PROMISE TO START STREAMING. I will start tomorrow at 8 PM Central with either WOW Classic or WOW Retail. I am about to start a new “DAYTIME CORPORATE FUNTIME$ JOB” and need to re-establish a training regime for myself once this gig starts to trying to make a Twitch schedule will be a challenge at first along with making random videos like the above but I will do it.

Finally EMPIRE & ACES.

ARGH.. somehow the website broke and I don’t know-how. I don’t have a Fall T-Shirt ready this year. It’s going to be late- probably December but I will do another T-Shirt this year. I start my new gig in a week and a half so my goal right now is to fix the EMPIRE & ACES website. Update it, maybe even totally remake it. Not sure yet but something will be done with it before the 23rd of this month. And as far as EMPIRE & ACES goes, I am not sure I am going to get back into fighter management but I might start taking a few private personal training clients because I do enjoy training people to LIFT HEAVY SHIT. I also can teach Muay Thai so if people are wanting some privates, I may start offering that.

Very dry post, yes I know- but this is two posts within 30 days. I’m a madwoman, I tell ya. But hopefully, this is the beginning of me coming out of my shell and interacting with the world again instead of grumpily telling everyone to piss off because I think they suck.

I’m ready to have some fun with everything again, even if everyone hates what I do. Y’all been warned. I’m about to get MOUTHY.


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    Not Disclosed
    September 13, 2019

    The video was okay, but the big surprise was that you have a great singing voice

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