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This had my head spinning, until I remembered a principle my dad, a plumber, imparted to me as he saw I was getting “too smart”: Things are only complicated when you make them that way. And it’s true. When I zoom out on all of the problems we have right now, COVID, elements and effects of racism, climate change, etc. – the root of it traces right back to hypercapitalism. You know from Muay Thai and other elements of your training that you become what you do. Your physical habits and repetitions actually influence your mind. When you gather groups of people performing those habits, and they eventually stop even remembering why, you have a culture. Our culture is FUCKED. Which kind of sucks, because I grew up loving the parts of American culture that I believed to be true. Plus, it turns out I’m reasonably good at capitalism. But it’s a failing system, at least at the extremes. Which is *exactly* where we are today.

What can we trace back to hypercapitalism?
– Worship of the rich, with an assumption wealth is indicative of inherent talent, sound leadership, virtue, and a predictor of future success in other arenas.
– The localization of class warfare, meaning that the rich are SO unassailable that they fade into the background, and rather than challenge the billionaire business owner, we attack and denigrate our neighbors competing for jobs in the $xxK to $xxxK range. And we attack desperate, impoverished immigrants for taking 0.01% of the pie, when we have like 1%, and the wealthy have like 99%. It kills me, for example, when MMA fans defend Dana and mock the fighters for wanting more money. WTF!!!???
– The fact that technological advancement has SO outpaced other areas of society that we have not even the beginnings of a societal answer to the negative side-effects of automation/AI. Of course, Andrew Yang “pioneered” the idea of a Universal Basic Income. Except he didn’t. I’m not saying they created the idea, but UBI was part of the frigging *Black Panther* manifesto 50 years ago! So *some* people have been aware of this and trying to rally for it for fucking 50+ years, and it has been systematically ignored and assailed. And now we desperately need it, but we stopped *even having the discussion* since Yang lost the primary.
– Non-existent healthcare and social safety nets that explain SOME of the desperation for people to reopen their small businesses before they lose their houses and shit.
– the Weinsteins, Epsteins, Cosbys, and others whose money built fiefdoms of sexual assault enablers
– the fact that some “conservatives”/”Republicans” are so thoroughly indoctrinated into capitalism that they feel “dying free” is better than group/cooperative (“SOCIALIST”) healthcare. Now THAT’s effective brainwashing. And it comes from decades of watching our parents and their parents work hard, so that individual hard work and the trappings of success are more virtuous than helping each other
– the profitability of higher education is becoming slimmer and slimmer – the “million more dollars you earn in a lifetime by having a college degree”? The colleges see that, and they are going after larger shares of it. The financial institutions are helping, and the government is scaling back loans, reducing accountability, and also letting it happen. This is also going to continue making the arts and humanities less viable paths in society – except disposable “pop” art and commissioned works
– the example of how many pharma companies dragged their feet to bother with COVID, because if it ended too soon, they’d have taken a financial loss
– obviously, money in politics. Just 20 years ago, Karl Rove was an outlier. Now his shit is basic. People like Trump don’t even hide their grift anymore. And his followers shrug at it, because they’re desensitized to hypercapitalism.
– the entire media platform that rewards attention, outrage, and clicks over information, causing us to be inundated with meaningless, negative-skewed, and often false information that serves those with no interest in the human condition

So, it’s like System of a Down once said – “Civilization is on trial”. Decade after decade, we’ve pushed the limits of propaganda, to the point now where the truth has indeed become “complicated” by ulterior motives. We’ve allowed more and more money to go into politics, to the point that there’s basically ONE branch of government, executed sometimes by Democrats and other times by Republicans. Meanwhile, racism, a timeless human failing which can at best be mitigated, managed, and minimized, is being *exacerbated* by a culture of scarcity, desperation, and scapegoating. Desperation which, by the way, leads to mental health/substance abuse issues and highly volatile & exploitable fear – the type of fear which supports corrupt police forces from the Black bogeyman, and leads to a country that has more guns than people.

It’s complicated, and we’re being buffeted by crises, but it’s also literally *that simple*. Hypercapitalism may not kill our society *by itself*, but it makes us vulnerable to damn near every malady that comes our way. We’ve been getting warnings of it for decades, but previously, if you were in the middle class, you didn’t always *feel* its effects firsthand. In fact, you could comfortably ignore it, and judge people of the lower classes for their supposedly endemic flaws of effort, judgment, morals, race, etc. Now we’re getting undeniable and acute symptoms – even in the middle class, along with at least lip-service from the benevolent rich (ironically, actors, artists, and philanthropists who have already played the game and won).

The question is…what to do about it? Communism is just totalitarian Socialism. Several doses of *democratic* socialism would probably help, but when have the rich and powerful ceded *one iota* of their accumulated power!? Plus 1/3rd of America is basically anti-vaxxers when it comes to anything beneficial to society as a whole, and they support the system as it stands, even to their own detriment.

Maybe it’s like Bob Marley said…”Many more will have to suffer…many more will have to die…don’t ask me why.”

OMG…okay, that was a whole-ass rant. LMAO! Hopefully some of that shit made sense. Fuck. Whatever.


Of course; it’s “out there” now. LOL!

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Looking forward to the ideas you have for video content! My timezone means I rarely have the opportunity to watch Twitch streams live – but if you archive them on your channel I will be able to catch up after the fact, could reach more people that way

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