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I’ve been a busy beaver today…

If you’ve been following along, you know me a little bit and you know treating me like shit is the best way to get me first, depressed, second stage, angry, third stage, motivated to take your ass out… and so it is, and here we go…

If you could do me a favor and like this page on facebook, please??

By the end of the week, should things work out… I will have a first batch of t-shirts up for sale. They will be up for sale on The proceeds are going to go towards my new business venture except for 1%, which I will be donating to either something for abandoned pets or towards women’s causes like women in IT or something like that. Probably animal rights stuff so I can actually sell the t-shirts since it would turn off a lot of people to know some of their money went support a woman’s cause 🙂 :p. I’ll have the details of what charity the 1% will go to when I put up the links for t-shirts. There will be 2-3 designs going up for this first run with more actually being designed by my designer as I type this! (eek!) I am not 100% sure how much they go for yet.. probably about $25 a t-shirt plus shipping unless you live in Chicago then I have no problem dropping it off to you. Details soon! smile emoticon I’m excited!

*sorry… no free t-shirts. I was going to give some away but… I need to fund my venture so… you gots to pay even if we are friends. Sowwy. Dems how it is.

**PPS- YES!! I do ship internationally if I know you!!! And we can talk about shipping costs. I will be in the UK next month for a few days so if I can get the printing done before then, I could possibly bring with me and ship from there… though if I recall correctly, its cheaper still to ship from the US. I will find out. I know I have an order already from Germany!! 🙂

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