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MMA, Negativity, the Future and YOU

Man o man… I wasn’t going to do this quite yet but things that I knew were coming, came… (and it wasn’t me or I’d be happy about it. 😉 )

Anyway… here is the YouTube if you are too lazy to read. It’s not a live video. I didn’t feel like this warranted screen time. But hey, I aim to please on occasion.

And for those of you who like SoundCloud, I got you:

And if you’re looking for a synopsis, here it is:

It looks like “If I Did It” is done… or at least the version that had me in it. I don’t know if it will continue at a later date without me and I will let Alexi do a post or video on it but honestly, I don’t blame him. You can listen to what I had to say but the negativity that is around the UFC, in particular, has made it not fun to talk about. Which is a shame. I wanted to keep it going- I feel like you let the haters, naysayer, and peanut gallery win but by the same token, you shouldn’t continue doing something that you don’t enjoy. If the Shoes Fit will continue and I suspect MMA will creep in that show so… well… for those of you who enjoy the crew, you still got them. I want to thank Alexei for the opportunity to be on the show. I’m sad as I enjoyed doing the show but there is a time to move on for all things. Please take the time to watch or listen to what I posted above.

That being said, I misspoke a little bit about “not talking about MMA” anymore. I should have said not talking about it on “If I Did It”. I will still talk about it but just as part of my own content. Which, to look on the bright side, it allows me to delve into other topics as I see fit- in regards to MMA or combat sports, but also, just into other things which I sometimes want to do. I’m more than kicks and chokes, you know. 😉

So watch or listen to the explanation. Join my Twitch and my Patreon. More is coming, promise.

Happy New Year!

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