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MsTek · IT’S COMPLICATED EP1 – Mental Anguish

This week, I touch again on Black Lives Matter, mental health, corporate America and why the hell some white people just don’t get it.

I was going to stop podcasting then I decided to give myself three months of doing this. I think I expected to get the following I once had… but like, that was almost twenty years ago and I have a bad habit of being harder on myself than other people are (except at work- where they expect perfection and sorry, perfection is better than any human can hope to be).

Someone whom I am not longer acquainted with (yes, it ended badly) gave me the name for the Podcast. It was a good name so I’m keeping it. It was always supposed to be this way but I have been naming all over the place because you know.. the thing I am good at, I kinda forgot (hello, branding.) So even though there has been an “It’s Complicated” before, this time, we’ll stick with the format that I have decided. I have a three month plan laid out and we’ll see where it goes. Eventually I’ll start doing video podcasts while also uploading to SoundCloud and iTunes (Oh yeah… you can catch me on iTunes now). I had to allow myself enough time to get my rhythm going again. Three months should be enough to see if this is worth continuing or dropping.

In addition to that, I’m actually starting to work on EMPIRE & ACES again. Not going to lie- I haven’t been motivated for shit even before COVID-19 struck, which just isn’t like me at all. I am cognizant now exactly why I lost my mojo and I’m working hard, even with all the restrictions going on right now, to “right this ship”. In addition, I’m working on another project where I explain my philosophy on life, which I honestly think could help out a lot of people out there. Anyway… back to EMPIRE & ACES… I will have some masks for sale up there along with a test jerky run since so many people saw photos of my jerky and wanted me to sell some.

Shit is hard right now, but I am very much looking forward to next year if the rest of this year goes according to plan. And that’s just it- once you have a real plan, everything becomes so much easier.

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