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2021 is already starting out great. Now it may all go out the door tomorrow once I see what my day job workload is however, right now, I've clawed back a little time and I got A LOT done before I go back to corporate America tomorrow: Fixed this website. Still some issues but it looks like me again.Ripped apart EMPIRE & ACES. No, it's not up yet

I took down my last post. I think maybe 2 people read it anyway. As I said, nobody gives a fuck. I did do what I said I was going to do though- weep, feel like shit, then get my shit back together. "The Big Plan" was to buy a condo or some land in Mexico end of 2021 or 2022. I wanted to then make an Airbnb with it so I had somewhere to stay when I wanted to go diving but was making money off it when I wasn't there. In addition, maybe it would have been a place for me to retire to. I would have already had my place. I was hoping to catch a Covid deal. Shit down there is so much cheaper. Where as I could never

To say that I have been busy is the understatement of the year. Since the last time I posted, Orange Fucktard was voted out (THANK GOD), the US has done an emergency authorization of a new COVID-19 vaccine, I finished up my advanced cave and staged cave diving certifications, I got a new job, I turned 45 years old, and I got a new car. (PHEW! That's a lot but we're not done yet) Since I started my new job (one day after vacation from Mexico) I have worked 65-75 hours every week since the last week of October. This week, it should start to ramp down a little bit but I think you would understand why: I haven't been postingI haven't been going to the gym regularlyMy house looks like an absolute PIG STY That being said, I do not give a fuck that Kamala Harris is Joe Biden's VP pick. I don't give a fuck at this point as that I will vote for one most squishy turds as president over Donald Fucking Trump (aka Orange Fucktard).I am not dead. (undead, undead, undead.) Okay, now that we've got that out of the way. I have been as usual, busy with the day to day operations know as the current suck life cycle of an American stuck in America during a time where America "done lost her GOT-DAYUM mind." Which if you follow me on Twitter, I explained that it is a time of little to no options due to COVID, massive unemployment and the racist syphilitic Herr Cheeto in charge. So busy, yet struggling and quite frankly miserable. But I keep trying

So where is the podcast? Nobody liked it/was listening so it dropped to the bottom of my list of things I needed to do. I am still interested in doing a Podcast/YouTube thing but work has been crazy and as far as social media is concerned, I am well and truly aware that nobody cares about what I have to say anymore. My world gets ever darker and ever more quiet. I'm not terribly happy about this but it's true, you cannot relive the past and I have become it seems: "Irrelevant." So I guess I go back to just the catharsis that writing used to bring me. I keep trying to find it

Crime in major US cities is and has always been an issue. Some cities are better than others and some cities have some major problems.  Chicago has always had a problem with gun violence and is always in the national news.  But when was the last time you heard bout Albuquerque or Kansas City in the news?  And besides the popular television show, Portlandia, when did the national news talk about a crime wave in Oregon?    I’ll give you a moment. This past weekend in Kansas City, Mo, a 4 year old boy was shot in the face while sleeping. (( This past Tuesday, fifteen people were shot in a drive-by shooting at a funeral. (( Both of these things are tragic incidents, painful and unacceptable to any city, but this violence didn’t just suddenly occur. At least in the case of Chicago, there has