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I slept like shit. I have massive stress going on right now at work. Add a dash of COVID-19 and not being able to work out or travel, I can't sleep well, I'm fairly certain I have a stomach ulcer and my health is struggling at the moment.  It's got me depressed, down, and feeling defeated. But nothing worse or more than I have been able to take. Its just unpleasant you know? If I get fired, its not the end of the world. Live goes on. You move on, you figure it out. You just cannot get catatonic "woe is me" to the point of inaction. That serves nobody but the Devil. And we make the Devil OUR Bitch, remember? So as stressed out and unhappy as I am right now. As uncertain everything is, I remember

The beef jerky is done. Now this is a test batch to see if people like it. How it ships. Etc. When I make it, I have a hard time keeping it around as I eat the hell out of it. MEAT This jerky is chewy, sweet with a bit of a kick to it. Contains: Beef, soy sauce, brown sugar, honey, black pepper, chili flakes, mustard, kick ass. Now here are some notes: "“This product was produced in a home kitchen not subject to public health inspection that may also process common food allergens.” (*this product does not contain any tree nuts, peanuts, or dairy.) Here are some more notes: This is a natural product. There are no preservatives in this product. Due to this reason, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that once you receive the product, you will place it in

I hate the fact that I feel like I need to post these two songs every few years/(few months?) these days. Mind you, Matt Johnson could do no wrong and I have been a big fan of theirs since high school but once again, this song seems apropos: And of course, this one too though I never was as big of a fan of REM as I was of The The: On the other hand, each time I've posted this, the end of the world didn't happen but the other times I've posted this, Donny Dickhead wasn't the president of the United States. In addition, the people who actually could do something about this are busy clutching their pearls or threatening Iraq and Iranian citizens. Add to this, you've got Americans at each other's throats in a way that I