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Pim screams from the darkness.

It must be some sort of holiday in Thailand today. The kids were out of school and I saw after I came back from dinner, all the girlie bars were closed…

except for Scary Bar.

Scary bar has all the lights off, however, and our usual gaggle of “girls” are sitting outside, on the side, drinking, of course.

Except for Pim.

Pim is standing on the corner yelling at passersby:


I mean, I cannot make this shit up. I just can’t. As said earlier, she tried to get me to party with her (the bars were open earlier). Now, everything is closed and she’s in the dark screaming at people on the street “HELLO, I LIKE YOU!”

I mean if she suddenly said “me love you long time” I’m not going to lie, I’d utterly lose my shit. I’m sure she is a nice woman and that she just has nothing else, so being the local lush whore is just kind of where she is in life. And maybe she really likes it. She seems to be enjoying herself.*

Also, massage lady hurts more than any bitch who has ever punched me. Just saying. I’m scared of the Thai massage lady I go to. Not you. You can whimper and cry and she won’t let up “Sorry, is good for you. Is good for you.”

*you know I have no problem with the sex industry so I’m not making a judgment call. Pim is just… pretty pushy.

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