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Please support my new business, Empire and Aces!

You guys are so awesome for “liking” my post about my new company but what I really need is for you to SHARE it so it gets around.

Basically, I am designing t-shirts to help fun seed money into me managing and promoting combat sports athletes.  Ultimately, I want to open a gym up in the City of Chicago that isn’t a “big box” gym but MY gym. We’ll provide personal training but we’re a gym with mats, bags, and rings because it is an MMA gym.  I have things lined up and an 18 month plan, but what I need to do is get my name out there.  My company out there.  Let people know that there is a new Queen in town who wants to present her vision to fitness and fighting.

Please, share this link (and or post).  Please, buy a t-shirt or… 20.

In addition, 10% of all profits from t-shirts will go to PAWs between now and Nov 30th.  Because I want to make sure I’m giving back while I try to build my brand.

My goal is to sell 100 t-shirts because if I do, I know people like the designs (or me) and I can design more and offer other items.

The shop can be found here.

Thanks in advance for your support!!

Please SHARE (not just like!!)

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