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Quick side note

I felt really good today from the fasting save for when I tried to lift and duh- low electrolytes = muscle spasms.  Did some reading tonight and will try adding a little salt to my water tomorrow.  I might also try to go longer than 23/24 hours tomorrow.  I want to try a 48 actually… but maybe not this week.  When I did my feed tonight I had bone broth, chicken and spinach salad, guacamole and a raw chocolate/coconut truffle.   I feel like I stuffed myself enough to go two days without eating.  LOL.  I have never gone 23 hours without eating on purpose before- no more than 16.  Lets keep it up this week. I’m really curious what happens.  Will I eventually start to feel crappy?  Will I always cramp on that lift?  Dunno what I am going to do tomorrow.  Definitely 23 but maybe I do 39 hours…  See how I feel.

I honestly think the whole eating thing is probably bullshit.  You condition yourself that is what you need to do.  Some people do. Not everyone… maybe not even most.  I’m old.  I don’t need as much energy as I did when I was young and growing.  I don’t need to eat much to maintain strength and mental prowess.  The eating is because its something to do.  You need to eat- but I doubt you need to eat much.  Let’s test it.

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