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Random: 27SAT20

Crazy awful week- what can I say?

I hate drama and politics. Besides wanting credit for work that I have done/created, I want to be a low key, under the radar kinda woman. I don’t want to be the queen of anything in corporate America. I mean to me, that is a stupid goal as I would much rather rule life.

That being said, things haven’t been going well lately. My stress has been through the roof. I’m literally in a situation I have no control over and it’s rough. Add in the COVID pandemic and the nonsense that is our current American leadership and that leads to a feeling of being trapped indeed. Wait.. then add to that the EU says Americans might be banned and can we say “trapped and claustrophobic”?

Anyway, that’s why no podcast last week- I was way too stressed to focus on it and I apologize to my one listener *snerk*. But there will be a podcast this Sunday as well as the various other things I have promised over the past few weeks. I’m taking some PTO next week to work on my “grand plan”. I am going to figure out how to enslave COVID and make this nutty time work for me. I’m so tired of beholding to people when really I am way to amazing a person to have to deal with the things I do. So now, the hustle is really, really, real. I need money. Your money. His money. Her money. ALL money. 1)I am not really hustling you. I promise I provide things that are of value to you. I cheat no one. EVERYONE loved the jerky! That empire I have promised for 30+ fucking years is actually starting to happen… I just need more money to “build the wall”.

Last week’s podcast was going to be about Warren Ellis and Mike Tyson as that I thought it would be a good conversation about celebrity and wrongdoing. 2)I had my own experiences with Warren Ellis directly. Unfortunately, no I don’t have the emails anymore- I looked. He also stopped speaking to me rather abruptly. Now mind you, I never sent nudes or anything like that. I was pretty smart back in my Tekwh0re days- I’d post like a camgirl in my bra, but you never saw more than that, and I hooked ya with the content after you saw the bras. There were some borderline comments to me but I have always been wary of giving things of more of a sexual nature to anyone so I am sure he bored of me when he saw I couldn’t be manipulated. I was young and stupid but never that stupid. It did hurt though when he stopped speaking to me. I, too, thought we were friends. I still do not regret my fake cam-girl days- I just wish I had realized and really appreciated how beautiful I was back then. I’m not sure I feel like talking about that this week now. Stay tuned. I’ll figure something out.

I hope you all are having a nice weekend. Not too much substance from me today besides to say “Hi! How ya doin’? I still got this. I still got you.”

Serious, though. I’ll make jerky again in a few weeks. EVERYONE loved it. EVERYONE. But I gotta figure out a way to at least make $1 profit on each packet of jerky.

And yes, the website is slowly evolving too. Which shows you that I am serious about coming “back online”.

Tekwh0re baby… may she live forever.

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Now the USA is being regarded as almost a 3rd world country. I wonder just HOW FAR we need to fall for a critical mass of people to soundly reject this MAGA wave. I’ve been watching a bunch of WWII period pieces, and that shit runs deep in certain circles, but can his constituency sink below that magical 30-40% of hardcores? And, given that the GOP has been exposed for who they really are, what could Biden truly accomplish other than “holding the line”? I’m totally fine with the EU treating us the way anybody else would be treated.

I was mentioning today – when I was young I always wondered about things like a) How did Germany miss so many opportunities to stop Hitler and b) why don’t more people just leave bad places (disaster-prone areas, etc.). Well now I know. If it were up to me, I would have moved to Toronto two years ago. But I have older relatives to look after from time to time, and a HS senior, and career momentum…all to see what’s behind door #3 in Toronto or Paris or whatever, none of which are perfect either. So I guess I’ll go down in history as another one who stayed until it was way too late, despite the warning signs and closing borders. Well, ain’t that a bitch!?

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