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More on that topic that was from my podcast this week. Good write up from the NYT about the tensions between China and India.

And that Warren Ellis post certainly got a lot of traffic this week. Perhaps people were hoping for more sordid details. There aren’t any beyond what I told you and what I remember. I won’t be adding my story to that website I linked… mostly because I’m not going to tell you any more information than those women have told you. That was a long time ago.


I still haven’t decided what his week’s podcast is going to be about. I keep telling myself that I am going to get into bullet journaling so that when I get my random ideas through the week, I am better able to capture them. Honestly, I’m just happy that I am starting to blog again on a semi-regular basis. Not that anyone is reading. I definitely know that I am past my sell-by date in most things. I love the idea that people read and interact with my content, but I can’t make them. I also am not going to lie and say I don’t miss the days when I used to “be somebody”. But alas… such is the fade that a woman in her 40’s goes through. I really hope that once I die, if I have to go around again, that I can remember a little bit of the wisdom I grabbed in this life. I don’t think that you go around again in the same world though, in the same form, in the same way. Some people might but you could die and wake up as literal stardust zooming through the galaxy. If we believe that energy is neither created nor destroyed then something must happen to the soul? My self-importance demands as much. 😉

In other news, I keep dragging my feet on video blogging. Mostly because of COVID-19 (you know where you gain 19 lbs due to quarantine?). I am struggling mentally a lot right now because I want to train, I want to go travel, I want to feel normal, I want… I want… I want… Which is selfish because someone, somewhere, just wants to be able to breathe.


This too, shall pass (I hope).

Housekeeping: I added a USE election countdown timer right overrrrrrrrrr <—there. Gives us something to look forward to, hopefully. Hopefully Santa will show up this election year and not SATAN.

Dana Carvey as the Church Lady on SNL

In the meantime, I shall keep planning, hoping, dreaming, crying, trying because that is all that there really is to do right now. I have a guilty pleasure right now though…

That’s it.. that’s my brain vomit for Saturday. How you are safe and well wherever it is that you may roam.

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Speaking of SNL skits, I was talking with a friend just yesterday after hearing that RBG is sick. Given the recent cases that didn’t go Trump’s way, I was joking that his next appointment (God forbid), he’s gonna make sure he chooses Satan himself to get the job done.

Jon Lovitz was an awesome Satan.

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