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“I’ve been this way before
I’ll come this way again
So many things remind me
So many things inside”

Hey there- long time as usual. Been busy being busy for no other reason than to appease the man and nature (COVID). Still probably a lot to catch you up on , those of you who still might care.

First off, I got my fist COVID shot. It was Moderna. I was going to wait until my second one to go back to BJJ and Kickboxing. Well, I changed my mind on that and started that back up last week. I can die from COVID or I can die from being out of shape. Six in one hand, half a dozen in the other, as they say. I still am as careful as I can be but not going to lie- even though I can’t to shit yet because I am so out of shape, being back in the gym feels WONDERFUL. I’m still trekking 190 miles round trip almost daily just to train but its cathartic and I honestly don’t mind the drive too much. I’ve always been a loner stuck in my head so its just good alone, thinking time (as if I need more of that?). I made a point to download a Spanish language app to listen to in the car to try to be a little more productive, esp. since…

… I am heading back to Mexico for two weeks in May to go cave diving though I may only dive the first week I am there and just chill the second week and work on personal projects. This trip, I am really hoping to make a movie of it, however- kinda like my Dick River movie. I am actually spending part of the day today working on this so I know what I NEED to shoot when I am down there. It may even mean that I need to give up a dive or two just to get b-roll and context. A lot of this will also depend on the cenotes that we do… I like to have my dry humor yet be teaching at the same time. This means I need to think today about the story that I want to tell when I go down there so I can film appropriately. The details about that trip will be on my other website, TEK DIVES though I will put general things on this one. Just the nerdy-scuba stuff I think I will keep on the other webpage. I may even do straight dive videos on its own youtube page. I dunno exactly how I have to do this yet. For now, will you subscribe to MsTek on YouTube if you haven’t yet? Thank you, kindly.

In addition to the above, I’ve also scheduled to do three more tech diving courses in August. The goal, ultimately, is to go with The Dirty Dozen expeditions to Truk Lagoon. The logistic and cost of that is very complicated but hey, I’m a problem solver so I am already trying to work out how I am going to fund that trip, but first things first- get the additional tec diving certs I need to not be limited in where I can go when diving. 🙂 There will be more on that later. I’m also thinking of doing a series about how I end up making that trip happen. Again I had to pick scuba diving then make it more extra by becoming a tec diver so if I can find an expensive dangerous hobby, I go all in and then whine about how expensive it is.

Again, I STILL don’t know how I ended up a cave diver. I don’t fucking know where that started and I think that is going to bug me forever because I know why I’ve done everything else in my life… just not THAT one. Part of me thinks I did it to one-up someone who said something negative about me and diving… that’s usually how it works. Someone says “you can’t” and I get angry and butthurt and say “but see, not only can I, but I CAN, BETTER THAN YOU.”

Ah, being me is a full time job. LOL!

But going back to expense- because I am a cave diver about to go on my first trip that isn’t about taking a course, I had to buy MORE equipment because its not part of my course gear rental anymore. I also needed a new primary reel because my Light Monkey reel jams way too easily, and I needed more of the various bungees and clips that are very specific to side mount diving.

Okay, enough of the scuba talk, I’m sure you’re all bored by now.

In other news, professionally, I just got my Scrum Master cert which is ridiculously easy. In bad news, my company is moving to Florida and there is no way in hell I’d move there. So the job hunting will have to start up soon. But hey, if you need an amazing technical project manager, reach out to me. I’m not cheap but I am very good!

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