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Shit nobody asked for… #1: “Astro”

I feel like staring a new series. Shit nobody asked for where I link something that I found that I am just boondoggled about why the fuck someone made it. We got a good one today. Meet “Astro”:


I have a “hate-hate” relationship with Amazon. Mostly, its on the hate side of hate. I feel like Amazon lost its way at some point or maybe great success really produces great evil… not sure I buy into that but Amazon (Jeff “Space Dick” Bezos) doesn’t make it easy to love the company anymore. Alexa HAS been a great help to me in my home- until it started to shoot random advertisements to me for more Amazon shit and well, I am actively looking for a way to replace Alexa. I think the market is ripe for an “Alexa” killer, and I think Google could do a better job of being that- not that I trust Google either, but right now they are no where near as deep into my bad side as Alexa/Amazon is.

This “home robot” is basically Alexa on wheels that has the option to carry water bottles for you starting at $999… but only if you are an early adopter. It does some home security monitoring and you can use it’s little face the same as a fire tablet but beyond that, I haven’t a clue what this little shit is good for beside taking money from your wallet- which… if you really need to be parted with your dollars, contact me about joining my Patreon.

Seriously, if you buy this, you’re definitely a dumbass. And if you live alone and need someone to watch over you, or are elderly, surely there are better options out there.

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