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Shut it down.

I had to shut it all down.

I had to shut it all down because it was becoming way too annoying and sad.  It was being more harmful than positive, so I shut it down.

Shut what down, exactly?

Everything.  Kinda.  Sorta.

The social media thing. It’s shit.  Or maybe I just got too old?

Naw, its shit.  It’s so fake and phony and I’ve always hated fake and phony.  That’s why I liked having my blogs and journals better.  You read it because you wanted to.  It wasn’t just a feed that became mindless background “noise” in a cacophony of  mindless noise.  Back when I was young and beautiful, I did use my boobies shots to bring the attention, but people stayed for the content.  Then again, back then, I think people were more patient to actually read instead of 280 characters, or some Facebook blast, or an Instagram story that has been filtered up the yin-yang.  Its not me, it never has been me, and I got old but that doesn’t mean that I suddenly lost value.  Unfortunately the current structure of the world makes one feel that way, when the truth is that it’s not true.  The truth is that no one wants to slow down and dig deep.  Or everyone is just too busy to not get the gist within 10 seconds.

Shut it down.  Shut it the fuck down.  At least for a little while.

And so I come “home”.  Though it’s not really home. will always be the real home but corporate life ruined domain.  Also, I’m too old to be a “wh0re” anymore and I’m certainly too regal now (snort).  Ironically, I think maybe things have come full circle and nobody would really care that I had that domain anymore since the millennial are now in charge and for all the beards and buns and mermaid hair and stupid shit, that open-mindedness IS a plus.  Credit where credit is due and all that jazz.  Either way, just because I’ve limited my social media, I still want to share my life because I believe I still have value and very interesting things to say, show, and teach.  But it will be on my terms.  And if I’m just too old school for everyone- so be it.  I never was for everyone.

Anyway, I am going to be a little bit nice and explain a few few things about this site and the links:

  • The website is still a work in progress.  Things will change and morph as amuses me.
  • I will try to keep politics and really controversial things off this page and push them on to “cannibalism might be tasty”.   Some right wingers and Nazis may be here just for the travel and dive information and though I will be myself, I will keep the antagonism to a minimum on here. Well, at least I will try.  Knowing me, that won’t last long.
  • I am working on a website that is purely related to scuba diving.  That way people don’t need to listen to me rant on about diving but also I want to provide more technical information that might bore people to tears who don’t care about scuba diving.  I’ll still mention it, link to it, but it will live on it’s own domain.
  • All of these things can be reached via the menu, including EMPIRE & ACES (go buy a T-shirt if you haven’t yet)
  • I also can do whatever I want because this is my house.

That’s just a very brief summary.  Bare with me some. I used to be prolific and very good writer. I’ve noticed my English skills really slacking and I blame social media for that as well.  I’m terribly out of practice at the point and I’m still filtering.  I never was good when I filtered my thoughts.  I’ve also been acting nicer than I should.  That shit is over too. Come at me, you will eat shit and I will enjoy you watching it.  In public.

Perfection is coming soon.  Never expect any less from me.


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