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Sick of your shit/What defines you…

I went off on Facebook… I liked it. It needed to be saved.. so putting it here:

Things I am sick of hearing about:

-Confederate Flag
-Your sexuality or your gender
-Black this
-White that
-One Direction
-Anything with Kardashian or Jenner

People so so fucking lost right now, its sad. Let me give you a heads fucking up.

Your dick doesn’t define you.
Your puss doesn’t define you.
Your color and your creed don’t define you.

All this shit that you’re using to define you are fucking boxes created by society because a few people felt the need to make boxes because they didn’t have the brain capacity to accept that colors, genders, creeds, what the fuck ever, DOES NOT DEFINE YOU.

What defines you is WHAT YOU DO. YOUR ACTIONS. That is your legacy. That’s you… because THAT you have control over. Its what you DO.. not even what you SAY, but what you DO.
Everyone is on some fucking crusade these days and a) its boring to me, b) it isn’t helpful, c) completely misses the point of what your life is about the brief time that you are here. There are so many things we cannot control in life… and we can’t stress over that shit… We can control what WE DO. And what WE DO is what defines us NOW and potentially in the future. You have only your own damn self to answer for at the end of the day. And I don’t care if you have a spouse a family or whatever… when you die, unless its an accident or a murder/suicide, you die alone. When you lay next to someone at night, you are in your head alone. You have a choice to define yourself and not let others do it for you… But its hard, because everyone wants you to check off a box and join a movement, or you don’t count or you’re seen as an asshole.


Don’t ever let someone else define you and you’ll learn to be comfortable in your own skin because you are fucking beautiful just as you are. I many not have many friends but I never question my actions or my path in life because I followed my heart and did what I felt was right for me. You don’t get to define me. I do. But when I am smoke and dust, what I did with my life and for others will say more about me than my color, my vagina, or my words ever did.

With much love (believe it or not)~

Victoria/AKA “Tek”/AKA “V”

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