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Six weeks…

I am in week one of six weeks.

It takes about two months to eight months to build a habit.  My habit of training really fell by the wayside due to the current job situation and because of the fact I can’t find a martial arts gym that works for me- besides in Thailand.  But I am tried of sitting on my ass- it isn’t in me to not push myself physically (and I am sick of my fat not “phat” ass) so it was time for me to do something about it.

But there are other things that need to come together as well.  I need to really put some things in place to move onto the next adventure in my life so I’ve given myself six weeks to get all of those things handled.  Interestingly, getting the eating and training back in order is actually the easiest part- I just have to do it even when I am too tired to do so from having do all that driving to and from work and getting up way earlier than my circadian rhythms like.

Six weeks.

These are things I have planned in the next six weeks

  • Get all my personal websites in order  Today I will fix the price coding problem on EMPIRE & ACES.  I also think I have a new but same direction for that website that is slowly working itself out through my brain matter.
  • Get updated so I can finally do proper web hosting and direct people who are interested in m managing their social media and websites to that website.
  • Update my IT consulting website
  • Get the barebones background in place for my FOURTH, new business idea which really won’t launch until 2020 and is dependent on my accomplishing the things I need to get finished in 2019.
  • Get my apartment fixed by the landlord and ready to sublet should things work out in my grand plan.
  • Declutter everything in my apartment and take an inventory of what needs to go into storage if I sublet and see what I can sell which really isn’t much, I see now.
  • Get back closer to fighting weight ( I need more than six weeks to do it healthily but I can be well on my way there in six weeks if I follow the plan)
  • Stick to my personal beauty routine since because I don’t date and am not interested in it, I kind of have let myself go- not using the lotions or taking an extra moment to put that final touch on myself to put me over the top.  Self-care instead of the bare minimum.
  • Finalize my dive/course wishlist for 2019
  • Finalize my travel wishlist for 2019
  • Create a timeline/budget for what I want to do for the two points above.

Six Weeks.

I’m good at this shit though.  I’ve forgotten who I am because I may have spent too much time wandering around the status quo where I was questioned at every corner for my existence.  I used to not listen to that shit.  It used to not get to me.  And truthfully, I was better when I kept my own opinions and counsel.  Meaning:

I know better than you what is right for me.

I know better than you in general.  I always have.  I just seem to have allowed that doubt creep in.  

No more of that.

Believe it or not, I’ve gotten quite a bit done already.  The personal dive site is up even if there is no content on it.  And I fixed some https: issues on ACES.  I may start to post my workouts here.  This is MY website.  I can do what I want.  You can read it or fuck off.  Its a free world, right?

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