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Featured image from the last great Depression. Well, this news certainly isn't "tasty". (Man, I am so sick of being gloom and doom). Take a look at this chart: I look at that chart above and think, "that can't be true". It's rather shocking. But I think some more and I currently know two people personally who lost their jobs. So I ask you: [poll id="2"] (Now we'll see that only one person reads this website

Crazy awful week- what can I say? I hate drama and politics. Besides wanting credit for work that I have done/created, I want to be a low key, under the radar kinda woman. I don't want to be the queen of anything in corporate America. I mean to me, that is a stupid goal as I would much rather rule life. That being said, things haven't been going well lately. My stress has been through the roof. I'm literally in a situation I have no control over and it's rough. Add in the COVID pandemic and the nonsense that is our current American leadership and that leads to a feeling of being trapped indeed. Wait.. then add to that the EU says Americans might be banned and can we say "trapped and claustrophobic"? Anyway,