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The Adventure Beings to Work Itself out…

Many of you guys know I’m not to hot on the USA right now or Europe.  Some of my reasons are personal, others are political but I found a place in the world that I find infinitely interesting at the moment and want to spend more time there.  I’ve been trying to hustle hard to figure out how I can get back there and explore for an extended time.  I’m working hard to make my next “walkabout” six months long and to finish up a few things on my list.  I don’t have the dates totally worked out yet but at least now I am starting to get an order in my head.  I probably can’t hit all of these things up unless I get some financial support along the way through Patreon as well as through finding more side gigs demanding my consulting powers.  But enough of the “hows”- I’m worried enough already how I’ll make it happen.  Let’s talk about how the plan is starting to come together.  This is a rough order/timeline.  Things will change, I am sure:

Before I leave the USA for a few months:

Iceland- Silfra – Diving

Want to dive this.  Hoping I can get it done before May over a long weekend.

Channel Islands, California, USA – Diving

Hoping to reschedule this trip- had it canceled on me due to bad weather.  Another long weekend. But I NEED to see the kelp forests and seals.

Tulum, Mexico – Diving

Cenotes… possibly finish up my cave course here if I don’t go back to Florida before I leave.  I will only get certified up to “Intro to Cave” in Jan. Still have to do another 4 day course to be certified “Full Cave”

And then… We go to Asia.  Tentatively in April unless I get lucky and get one more contract extension.  I need the money, badly. 🙁

The Philippines – Diving/Exploring

I hear there is a great wall dive and a WWII wreck site here.  I would like to go here for about 2 weeks to dive, start getting acclimated to time zones.  Explore a little, and get numbers in my dive log book.

Bali/Gili T – Dive Certifications

Heading here to get my technical certifications done (non-teaching). I  am starting to lean towards doing my Divemaster certification here as well since I am already working on my tech ones and I may as well just plop down here for 4-6 weeks and knock it out. Still not qualified to teach diving yet after this, but close.


Chiang Mai- Time Zone Recovery/Get another Sak Yant.

Love this northern city in Thailand for its temples and its vibe.  Want to also take a trip out to Chiang Rai to see the “White Temple”

Phuket- Dive Instructor Certification/Muay Thai/BJJ training

This will be my base for several months.  I know people here, I like the gyms.  I can’t train Muay Thai while I do my Instructor training- pisses the shop off, apparently.  However once I am certified, I will go back to training full time.  If I can, I’ll see if I can freelance as a dive guide at this point since I will be certified but there are some legal things I need to work through in Thailand to work there which, luckily for me, being American, is far easier than it is for anyone else to do.  I’d also like to take a language course while I am here and generally use this time to work on personal projects and business ventures.  I went about it the wrong way last time I was there.  I also hope to fight once in Bangla Stadium and hopefully get better at BJJ.

Now, since I will be in Thailand a few months, I have do something called a “visa run” every 30 to 60 days.  SE Asia is ridiculously cheap.  I have to following side trips in mind:

Kathmandu, Nepal

Why not?  See some temples, buy a legit prayer flag, enjoy the arcitecture.  3-4 day trip.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

I have been here already but I want to go again, better prepared with camera equipment so I can share it with you.  

Vientiane , Laos

That’s not my end goal.. I can’t remember the name of the town.  I’m probably going to hate it because its a young kid/backpacker town but what I really want to see is the landscape there because of how jagged mountains pop out of the ground randomly.  I’ve seen pictures- I want to see it for myself.


I am hoping I can somehow ship my dive equipment back to the US because I have 1-2 stops I want to make on my way home:

Japan – Tattoo

I didn’t spend enough time here last time.  I want to spend more time in Tokyo eating but I also want a traditional Japanese tattoo from my right buttock to mid thigh.  I have something in mind I think it will take about 2 weeks of work to complete.

Hong Kong/Shanghai – Curiosity

I’ve bashed China.  I’ve not had a good experience there but I want to try it again now that I’ve been learning Mandarin (SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!!  Been studying it for 3 months.  Yes, I can actually read some Chinese… AND Japanese now!  Been studying that too!)  Making Japan is more important than China-  I don’t really want to spend more than maybe 3 days here, tops, then I will be ready to come back home.

After all this, I think I might be able to settle down in a job for a while.  I’ll still have my wanderlust but that BIG THING I’ve always wanted to do in my life will have been done.  I don’t think I’ll ever be content with mediocrity but I will have put myself in a tough situation that will force me to learn and grow.  I really hope I can make this happen.  It’s going to depend on if I can sublet my apartment.  I don’t know what to do about my cat-  she cannot come with me but no one wants to keep her for me for six months so I think I will have to give her up. 🙁  I am very worried about finding a stable job that pays when I return but I can’t sit on my ass and rot because of fear.  I never have let things like that stop me from the things I want to do.  I’ll deal with it when its time to deal with it.  Right now, I’m just trying to come up with the money and equipment I need to make this a reality.  I’m slowly getting the dive equipment but I still have quite a few major purchases to make, along with the actual money for tickets, accommodations, food, etc… But if you don’t try, you don’t know, so I’m trying.

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