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The Cancer of the World: Willful Ignorance and Stupidity

I made a mistake last night. Well, I guess they aren’t “mistakes” per say, but learning opportunities. Basically I got into an online conversation last night- the type I said I would steer clear of, but just the ignorance. The refreshing part was to know that “no, its just not Americans that are stupid”. The sad part was “no, not just Americans are stupid”.

I had someone trying to argue with me last night about what was going on in Myanmar/Thailand and they clearly didn’t know that Thailand and Myanmar aren’t the same country… Told me that Burma and Thailand is the same. Told me something about a Karan (Koran?) and not even me sending them a Wikipedia link about Myanmar is the country formally known as Burma would get them to admit defeat. On top of the crap they were talking about, it didn’t persuade them that “yo, I lived in Thailand,, I have Thai friends who live there I think I know what is going on there.”. I’m well aware of the history of Thailand and of SE Asia actually because I love it there. Instead I had the version of someone who listens to whatever the version of Canadian Fox News is. I mean it was painful to read which is why I kinda stayed engaged more than I should have.

It’s not been the first example of utter shit I have heard over the last two weeks. You think people are better than you because they’re not American sometimes, only to find they hold the same stupid racial stereotype views as what has gotten the US in trouble time and time again. That’s where this gets scary… if not us, then who (will be smarter than us)? But this is the cancer in the world right now. Willful ignorance, ignoring facts in preference of politics. I mean, c’mon- “I don’t want to wear a mask because my rights/COVID is a hoax”. “The vaccine changes your DNA and has microchips in it.” “Black women have more babies with multiple men and impregnate themselves with turkey basters to get government money (no, really… I hear this in to response that if men should be able to make women have abortions if women have abortion rights.) Like the amount of stupid that isn’t based in fact I have heard over the last few weeks has been hard to swallow.

But that’s just it. That’s where we are as a whole in the world right now, isn’t it? I mean I had to sit next to my Father’s deathbed and he still had to tell me about Donald Fucking Trump.

On so may levels, perhaps this era should be knowns as “The Age of the Death of Reason”. Perhaps this is how it is, this is the cycle. Look at ancient times. The pinnacle being the art of Ancient Rome:

Augustus, 20 B.C.E.

To this in the Medieval Times:

The Obscene and Grotesque Marginalia of Medieval Books | by Kamna Kirti |  The Collector | Medium
I don’t know? Butthole and Saggy Balls?

Not that there anything wrong with balls and butthole- it’s fun and I am being slightly disingenuous with my example here as this is in fact a Medieval doodle but still, there was a general collapse in the Arts and science in the WESTERN world after the fall of Rome until they decided to get their shit back together again and start invading other countries again…

But I digress… that’s a topic for another time.

It scares me though… I’m getting old. My time is winding down. I need to think of places to retire and die somewhat peacefully where I feel safe on my land, just feel safe. As a biracial single female. all the martial arts and guns in the world won’t help me when I am 65 and alone in a place that doesn’t want me there. I worry about these things now a days. I see places in the US that would be perfect and I’d like to live… a vintage house with a little bit of land- in the middle of Racist Redneckville (Yo, your property value is as low as the worst of the inner-city- maybe that should tell you something as well, fucktards). I am reading too much about people of color who have the money and the means moving into places and basically being harassed non stop. Since you can’t trust the police and they won’t do shit anyway unless its an opportunity to kill a black person, its a dangerous proposition.

I am, however, revisiting an idea that I had in my 30s about Detroit. I STILL want to start my own IT company in one of the old automotive plants. I think I’ll talk about that another time. I still see an issue coming up the with tension with China…. if that actually blows up, the repercussions are bigger than most people realize. COVID has already shown cracks in the supply chain. Do you realize what would happen if there was any sort of military issue with China? Taiwan? Do you know how much Asia controls computing parts and manufacturing for the world?

I am not regretting my decision to take a step back. I am seeing what I already saw if that makes sense. My clarity is coming back week after week. I do know, I don’t like what I see is happening in this world and I either want to be a lot older so I don’t need to live through it, or a lot younger so I could actually do something about it.

Try to enjoy the ride… I guess.

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